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Top 5 Reasons Businesses Hire Managed Services Providers (MSP)

Managing information technology via an outsourced provider can reduce operating expenses up to 80% through improved network and productivity, predictable budgeting and local support.

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Hire Managed Services Providers (MSP)
February 1, 2019 Mark London

Have you ever wondered why a client may or may not hire a managed IT services provider? Let us break it down for you.

#1. Affordable and Headache-Free Support

Let’s face it — all employees come at a price. Qualified and experienced employees tend to come at a higher price. And now you take into account that small to medium-sized businesses might not be able to afford it. Not to mention the process of hiring employees and retaining the good ones can be difficult as well. Now enter a managed IT services provider — they have knowledge of job requirements, certifications and the industry language, it’s much easier for them to pull in the right talent  and then pass along the benefits to the client.

of small businesses fail to back up their endpoint devices.

#2. Preventative Support and Maintenance

24/7 support isn’t the only way managed IT services providers support their clients. They also support businesses by being proactive. This means being able to identify issues before they escalate and lead to downtime.

#3. Predictable Budgeting

MSPs usually have a fixed monthly cost and/or exact charge for specific services, where as with your in-house team, they may not have the experience or be as well-versed with the possible IT solutions for the various technical issues, leading to unneeded expenses and wasted time. Unforeseen and urgent repairs can take up a big portion of the budget, piling on more stress to running a business.

#4. Customizable Solutions

Solutions made specifically for your business — does it get any better than that? Managed IT support services can evaluate your business’s existing tools, systems and processes to create a customized IT support solution.

#5. Access to the Latest Technology

One of the perks of constant monitoring and system management is that you can count on continually upgraded IT systems at no additional cost or financial risk. Your IT systems will be guaranteed to be as current as possible, and you have access to enterprise-level services at an affordable rate.

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