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The Importance of Data Backup Services

Prepare yourself with backup and disaster recovery before disaster strikes.

The Importance of Data Backup Services
February 22, 2021 Liz Pena

The results of data loss due to cyberattacks can be devastating for a business. In this blog, we discuss the various threats to your business data and how effective Data Backup Services can help protect against them.

Cyberattacks and Data Loss

Cyberattacks are wreaking havoc for businesses everywhere. Although ransomware outbreaks continue making headlines, old-school malware and spyware viruses continue to be the leading reasons for data loss. Even with updated security software, most businesses remain exposed to the threat of data loss due to hackers and ransomware. As a result, Data Backup Services have become increasingly important to businesses everywhere.

Physical Disasters

It is easy to overlook some of the more conventional physical threats your data faces every day. A fire, global pandemic or any other type of natural disaster can wipe out all your data and make recovery next to impossible. Prepare yourself before disaster strikes. When it comes to Data Backup Services and Disaster Recovery (BDR), being prepared for potential disasters is key to keep your business running.

Stay One Step Ahead Of Potential Disasters

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Protect Your Assets: The Basics of Data Backup and Recovery Services

Simply put, Data Backup Services are copies of files from your computer or device. Keeping a backup of your important business files and data is essential for several important reasons.

Virtually all computer and technology experts will tell you that any backup is better than none at all. Nevertheless, not all backup devices and technologies are the same; nor do they all offer the same levels of protection. For the best protection, safeguard your data using the 3-2-1 rule.

What Is the 3-2-1 Rule?

The 3-2-1 rule states that you should:

  • Keep at least three (3) copies of your data
  • Store the data in at least two (2) different formats
  • Keep one (1) copy offsite to protect against fire, flood, theft and other physical disasters

Data Loss Can Cripple an SMB in a Second

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