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Data & Wide Area Network Services

Leverage WANs with Verity IT to increase speed and efficiency of communications.

Verity IT can package effective solutions for clients looking to link two or more local area networks (LANs) through metro private lines (MPLs). virtual private networks (VPNs). Dark Fiber or anything in between.

Here’s What Wide Area Networks Can Do For Your Business

  • Voice and data services on one affordable monthly bill
  • Consolidate resources through one manageable data center
  • Minimize operating expenses by eliminating unnecessary data channels
  • Secure data and voice services for local, regional, national and international networks

Our Data & WAN Services

Converged Networks

Network convergence enables customers to receive voice and data solutions through one easy to manage channel.

Private Lines

Send large data, voice, and video files securely and efficiently to others in your network using private line solutions.

Metro Private Lines

MPLs enable your company to quickly transmit data through a secured network within one metropolitan area.

Software Defined Network

In a SD-WAN, traffic control is dependent on a software application, enabling business administrators to more closely, efficiently and flexibly manage traffic flow.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching

MPLS makes transferring data or information packets containing video or voice more efficient from server to server.

Virtual Private LANs Service

If your business has several office locations, VPLS enables each location to link VPNs into a managed IP/MPLS network.

Content Defined Network

Content defined networks (content delivery networks) help increase the speed of delivery for static, dynamic and mobile content, ecommerce transactions, video, voice and other real-time data through a system of geographically defined servers.

Virtual Private Network

VPNs use public networks to extend secure private lines, while maintaining security and control of management policies of the private network. Virtual private networks make it easy for employees to easily and securely access to company’s intranet remotely.

Dark Fiber

Verity IT has a large network of dark fiber solutions for any client looking to control scalability, network management, or technological evolution. Dark Fiber is ideal for businesses with high-capacity bandwidth needs and the ability to manage their own network.

We Can Help Navigate Your Business Through Data & WANs.

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