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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Be prepared for any situation with our data backup and recovery services.

At some point, all computer hardware is going to fail — it’s a fact of life. Whether it’s from age or accident, data loss is inevitable when hardware fails and it can cripple an SMB in a second. This is why backup and disaster recovery or a strategic and effective Backup & Recovery Solution is essential to every business. With our comprehensive backup-as-a-service (BaaS) and recovery solution, your business will be able to survive anything, allowing you to pick right back up as quickly as possible, like nothing ever happened. 

The New Generation of Data Protection Is Cyber Protection 

To fight modern threats, backup and disaster protection should converge with cybersecurity. We call this convergence cyber protection, but it goes far beyond cybersecurityCyber protection should address 5 fundamental pillars: 

  • Safety: Ensuring that a reliable copy of a business’ data is always available. 
  • Accessibility: Making it easy for a business’ data to be available from anywhere, at anytime. 
  • Privacy: Controlling visibility and access to company data. 
  • Authenticity: Providing an easy way to prove that a copy is an exact replica of thoriginal. 
  • Security: Protecting data against threats and malicious agents such as ransomware.  

of SMBs don’t have an incident response plan

Get the Ultimate Protection Against the Unexpected

Be Prepared

With data backup and recovery services with Verity IT, your business will maintain business continuity. maximize customer satisfaction. stay compliant. provide cloud contingencies.

Ransomware & Email Protection 

Ransomware is relentless, and attacks that can devastate your business are only increasing!

When it comes to backup and disaster recovery, it’s important to ensure you’re protected. If you are protected, you can avoid the business disruption and damage to your reputation that comes from a ransomware attack and the direct impact to your bottom line.  Ensuring the best protection when you have time, budget and other resource constraints can feel like an insurmountable challenge. It’s also difficult to understand how and where ransomware is most likely to attack.


Minimize the Risk of a Cyberattack

You need a plan to minimize your risk when it comes to ransomware. There is no silver bullet but understanding the most common ways ransomware attacks, gives you the right steps you can take to provide the best protection for your business. Verity IT protects your business at every entry point, using the right technique at the right time, so you don’t have to put a price tag on your data. 

Verity IT Email Protection

It all starts with your users — they’re the most vulnerable when it comes to ransomware, whether it’s falling for a phishing email or clicking on a malicious web link. Security Awareness Training is a great way to educate a workforce on these growing insider threats and protect your business from devastating blows, however, what can you do to block those emails from even entering your employees inbox in the first place?

Our partners at Trend Micro blocked over 1 billion ransomware threats in 2016 and 99% of those were found in malicious emails or web links. By blocking ransomware at the email gateway, you are preventing it from ever reaching your users.  

Verity IT’s Hosted Email Security protects you from ransomware threats that arrive via spear phishing emails or malicious email attachments. This removes the worry that your users will be tricked into clicking on something that will begin a ransomware attack in your business 

Verity IT Endpoint Protection  

Although 99% of ransomware threats are found in email messages or web links, that still leaves 1% that could make it through to your endpoint. Our endpoint protection service delivers specific capabilities that minimize the risk of ransomware on your endpoints.  

When ransomware infects your business, it can access whatever data a compromised user in your business can access. It can consume several man hours as you try to recover lost files through email threads, with little hope of recovery. 

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Using Microsoft 365 for Email?

Even though you are relying on a cloud-based email solution with built-in security, you are still highly vulnerable to ransomware attacks via phishing emails or malicious attachments.  

The Importance of Microsoft 365 Backup 

Microsoft’s data protection policies do not guarantee complete and fast restores of deleted or corrupted Microsoft 365 data. In short, Microsoft ensures that it won’t lose your data — however, Microsoft doesn’t make any guarantees about recovering it. Obviously, this is a huge problem. Being unable to recover critical business information can result in lost revenue, lost customers and reputation damage. Plus, if your business is subject to data retention requirements, data loss can even bare legal implications. Unfortunately, Microsoft 365 data is subject to many of the same vulnerabilities as data hosted onsite. Let’s take a look at the most common ones: 

  • Accidental Deletion
  • Malicious Deletion
  • Ransomware
  • Customization Issues 

Verity IT’s Microsoft 365 protection strategy starts with employee education. Most cyberattacks originate with phishing or malicious websites, so it is important that employees understand how to identify phishing emails, and who to alert if they encounter suspicious email. Additionally, it is essential to create and enforce guidelines around safe Internet use and the importance of strong passwords and how to create and manage them. 

Backup is the best way to protect against accidental or malicious file deletion, other user errors, ransomware and data corruption. Microsoft’s native tools offer some protection, but Verity IT’s backup solutions ensure that you can restore quickly and meet data retention requirements for all Microsoft 365 data! 

Establishing an Microsoft 365 backup strategy can also help reduce retention costs. If your organization must retain user data for a specific amount of time, maintaining former employees’ Microsoft 365 licenses can get expensive. Let Verity IT worry about your Microsoft 365 backup solution! 

Don’t wait to assess your cybersecurity strategies!

93% of companies without disaster recovery who suffer a major data disaster are out of business within one year.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans only help if they are designed, deployed and tested long before they are needed.

Protect Your Business

Why Choose BaaS From Local Managed IT Service Providers?

Adequate backups allow businesses to restore important files or applications that have been deleted but they still need access to. With  backup-as-a-service (BaaS), Verity IT can quickly restore this information so you can access necessary files, folders or applications as soon as possible

Save Time With a Managed IT Service Provider

An IT department’s headcount is under increasing pressure. Outsourcing to companies like Verity IT helps to free uresources so managers can get back to focusing on what’s important — their business. 

Gain Expert Advice and Management With a Managed IT Service Provider

In addition to general data protection expertise, Verity IT has unique access to independent software vendor trainings. We invest significant time to thoroughly understand backup implementation procedures so clients do not have to. 

How Does an IT Service Provider like Verity IT Protect You?

Verity IT delivers a reliable hybrid cloud backup solution, which protects more than 20 platforms anytime, anywhere and faster than anyone else. With built-in protection, users gain access to the industry’s most advanced AI based ransomware protection available. 

Verity IT ensures the quickest recoveries of IT systems and applications, with no upfront costs. We utilize a turnkey, self-service solution which allows us to protect corporate workloads and keep your business running! 

Today there’s no doubt we’ve entered a new era –“data protection” is just not enough anymore. Let's start implementing your backup & disaster recovery plan today!

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