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Returning to the Office After Covid-19


Returning to the Office After Covid-19
July 29, 2020 Liz Pena

Returning to Your Workplace Post COVID-19: How to Prepare

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on, businesses are either in the process of reopening or are planning how they’ll let employees back inside the building. The guidelines are clear if you work in an essential business like a restaurant or some other service or hospitality sector — but what about skyscrapers and other typical offices for 9-5 employees?

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to returning to the office after COVID-19. Getting back in is one step, making sure your staff knows what to expect and understanding the guidelines for interacting properly is a completely different animal.

As authorities begin to lift restrictions and open up, you and your employees may be thinking, “We’ll be back soon and I can get out of this house!”. The problem is, if you just pick up and go, without  preparing to have people back in the office, you may run into some issues that could have been easily avoided.  How will you address employee apprehension? What new policies and channels of communication can you craft in response that will positively impact employee experience? Now is the time to prepare.

Download our e-book: Returning to the Office After COVID-19, for some guidance as you look to reopen the office.

Our e-book is divided into four sections: People, Office Space, Technology and Your Clients. While each individual situation is unique, evaluating your plan with these components in mind can help you get organized and anticipate obstacles. Complete the form to gain access to your e-book today!

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