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Reliable, High QoE Business-to-Business eCommerce and Call Center Operations

VPNs and MPLS for high availability are possible with SD-WAN, which delivers multi-cloud QoE performance for CRM, ERP and other business-critical apps.

Reliable, High QoE Business-to-Business eCommerce and Call Center Operations
December 3, 2019 Mark London

Time Matters. That is especially true to those who make decisions that impact an enterprise’s communications, distributed IT, cloud migration and plug-in workforce.

Additionally, the Customer Matters. Increasingly, reliable communications are the heart of the growing need for exceptional customer experience.

In the case of B2B supplier Arlington, a large distributor of office products and supplies, both Time and Customer took on heightened importance as the company began to rapidly grow and expand. With eight North American locations serving more than 10,000 active businesses, and an extended family through Carolina Wholesale and Digitek operations, the organization had to find a way to reduce costs and simplify the management of its diverse WAN array of MPLS, managed services and corporate broadband links.

As it had seen happen with other businesses, Arlington realized the dire consequences an enterprise can suffer if performance and CX-related issues weren’t addressed, such as: poor network uptime, call center agent downtime, incomplete file transfers, sluggish network file access performance and increasingly frequent network “brownouts.”

To proactively address any deterioration in quality of experience (QoE) for its customers, the company set out to:

  • Implement better WAN reliability
  • Simplify network management
  • Create higher-quality contact center interactions to capture their ecommerce growth opportunity.

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But as so many businesses find out, sometimes even the best laid plans must be adjusted. In the case of Arlington, the choice to go with a competitive SD-WAN offering from a leading security provider ended up failing to deliver a truly reliable WAN. After evaluating the problem, it was determined the session-based approach was leading to too many problems, such as cumbersome configuration, limited QoS support, lack of sophisticated measurement or per-packet forwarding abilities, sluggish ERP application performance and limited support for real-time traffic. Even legacy terminal servers and CRM applications were subject to poor WAN performance with downtime costing Arlington operations potentially millions of dollars weekly.

A Unified, Highly Available WAN Approach

In its quest to offer customers a failsafe eCommerce B2B supply operation, Arlington turned to its managed services partner Verity IT, an expert at deploying multi-site virtual private networks (VPNs) and MPLS for high availability. Together, the two firms blueprinted a digital transformation network of the future including a hybrid WAN for advanced branch office communications. The network reengineering began with Oracle’s failsafe SD-WAN, which boasted continuous unidirectional measurement and sub-second response to network incidents for high multi-cloud QoE performance in domestic and overseas business applications, such as CRM or ERP. Additionally, Oracle’s SD-WAN offers highly granular visibility into network and application performance, which has translated into platinum-quality” support for loss- and latency-sensitive SIP-based call center applications.

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