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Ransomware: Protect Your Data or Pay the Price

Ransomware: Protect Your Data or Pay the Price
September 21, 2021 Liz Pena

The Average Ransom Paid In 2021 is $200 Thousand Dollars

The use of ransomware by hackers to leverage exploits and extract financial benefits is not new. Ransomware has been around for over 2 decades, but as of late, it has become more dangerous than ever. In this interactive webinar, we will cover:
  • Definition of Ransomware
  • Statistics and Facts About the Malware That Costs
  • The Current State of Ransomware
  • How To Prevent a Ransomware Attack

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Some believe that cybersecurity is solely the government’s responsibility, or the responsibility of technology companies. However, every organization and individual has a responsibility to defend against cyberattacks. Not sure where to begin?

Three major things you and your business can do IMMEDIATELY to help prevent ransomware attacks:

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