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Panelist Discussion: How to Secure Your Online Life

Panelist Discussion: How to Secure Your Online Life
July 23, 2021 Liz Pena

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, an annual event to ensure everyone has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online.

If everyone does their part to implement stronger security practices, raise community awareness and educate vulnerable audiences, our interconnected world will be safer and more secure for everyone.

In preparation for the upcoming month, this special interactive panelist presentation includes cybersecurity experts who share key, actionable tips  to help you secure your online life, including:

  • Best practices for password and account management
  • Combating phishing attempts
  • Protecting devices

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Meet the Panelists

80% of data breaches due to hacking are password-related.

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Online Security Tips

As we are faced with this cybersecurity landscape, getting a tighter hold on your digital privacy and security can feel daunting. Some sound advice: just do a little bit at a time.

Even just doing the basics — strengthening your passwords, turning on two-factor authentication and watching out for scammers — can make your accounts a lot more secure.

The more each of us understands how our data is collected and used — and how to keep private what we want to keep private — the better, safer and healthier our digital lives will be!

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