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Network Assessment

Know where you stand with a quick, easy and completely automated assessment.


Having a detailed understanding of your network infrastructure is essential prior to planning changes or further investment. Having a reference point in the form of a comprehensive and focused report is an extremely valuable asset.

Awareness and Insight With an Actionable Plan

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What You Get

Our Network Assessment provides comprehensive insight into your network, resulting in an extensive set of reports identifying critical performance and compliance indicators so that you know when your network is in or out of compliance.

The report presents your business with a summary of your overall risk score based on your scan, along with simple charts to show the problem areas.

Our Network Assessment Empowers Your Decision Making

  • Receive a full deep-dive network assessment quickly and securely
  • Identify any potential lingering issues or gaps
  • Gauge the overall health of your IT systems
  • Full insight into your IT assets

How Our Network Assessment Works 

The assessment scan itself is simple and non-intrusive — meaning nothing is installed on your network and it does not interfere with current network processes.

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Leverage our Network Performance Assessment to improve business productivity with these 4 simple steps:


Our network technician will initiate and monitor our network assessment. This runs for 45-60 minutes depending on your network size.


One of our technicians will log on (via our remote access tool) to a server or workstation of your choice and install the data collection agent — this will be removed at the end of the scan.


The scan data is now reviewed by our team and a detailed IT assessment report is created.


A meeting is scheduled with you to review the findings.

What Comes Next? 

Sitting down to review the findings naturally opens up more questions — this is where we really start to collaborate with potential solutions and roadmaps. These conversations are driven based on the priority order of the findings which need to be addressed.  

We’ve found that our customers get a lot of value from the relationship by allowing our team to perform discovery and exploration for future planning.

More on Network Assessments 

What is a network assessment? 

A network assessment is a detailed examination of your entire IT infrastructure  your routers, switches and monitors as well as your security policies, device performance ratings and management processes. 

How can your network assessment report help secure my network? 

Assessment tools can help secure a network in a variety of ways, including the following: 

  • Compliance assessments 
  • Vulnerability scanning 
  • Configuration monitoring 
  • Device updates 
  • Asset Inventory
  • Security assessment report

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