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IT Services Explained

Managed IT Services

Verity IT helps create a worry-free IT experience by first understanding your business, then providing the necessary products, services and support for today’s IT needs while planning for tomorrow’s growth and requirements. Below are a few of our managed services included in our packages!

User Management

The ability for Verity IT to manage user access to various IT resources like systems, devices, applications, storage systems and networks. This includes adding, removing or changing users within your organization.

Managed Firewall

The ability to address security threats and to monitor your network traffic to understand what it typically looks like so that atypical use can be easily identified and corrected. This includes: firmware patching, policy management, VPN configuration and security profile configuration (filtering, antivirus, SSL, IPS).

Managed Switch

Verity IT manages, configures and monitors the settings of your LAN, including controls over LAN traffic, prioritizing certain channels and creating new virtual LANs to keep smaller groups of devices segregated and to better manage their traffic. This also includes: firmware patching and configuration management.

Managed Router

Helps to enhance the performance of WAN and its accompanying LANs. This includes: firmware pathing and configuration management.

Managed Workstation

Our managed workstation service includes operating system support, patching, hardware troubleshooting, vendor management and asset management. Managed workstations are proactively managed for security risks and vulnerabilities and receive automatic operating system updates.

*This can also include line of business (LOB) application support (vendor support agreement required!)

Vendor Management

Vendor management includes the collaboration and escalation with 3rd party providers and vendors. We control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased value from vendors.


Asset Management

Keeping track of IT assets is an important part of IT management. Our systems tools allow us to automatically discover new assets added to your network, maintain a real-time detailed inventory of all of your hardware and software, and audit software licenses.

Managed Server

Server management is the process of monitoring and maintaining servers to operate at peak performance. Our server management also encompasses the management of hardware, software, security and backups. This includes: operating system support and patching, hardware troubleshooting and manufacturer/vendor management and asset management and procurement.

Remote Monitoring and Management

We provide remote monitoring and alerting to immediately detect problems in your infrastructure. Our network operating center (NOC) monitors your performance 24x7x365. NOC technicians keep a watchful eye on your systems and respond quickly to critical issues to keep your employees and business up and running.

Remote Patch Management & Remediation

This service includes patching workstations and servers to ensure the software is always up-to-date and protected from emerging vulnerabilities, threats and exploits. Software vendors are releasing patches with greater frequency, which creates more work for in-house IT staff. Staying current with patches is important, as they typically include bug fixes and updated security measures. Our tools automate the patch management process, which eliminates human error and ensures timely updates. Additionally, device patch status is validated daily to ensure you are protected.

Service Reports

It is important to us to be transparent and promote collaboration. That’s why we provide direct access to management reports on your business and our performance.

Remote Help Desk

When problems occur, you need help fast. That’s where our help desk team comes in. Whether it’s the finance manager who needs to reset a password or the marketing manager concerned about system performance, our help desk and technical support teams can troubleshoot and remedy their issues. Help desk technicians are your immediate and first line of defense. They will troubleshoot the issue, whether it’s a problem with end-user laptops or critical components of the IT infrastructure, and assign the correct specialist as required. We provide service level goals, providing the responsiveness you need and, most important, a help desk capable of resolving most issues on the first call.

Security Awareness Training

Our detailed plan utilizes simulations, modules and resources to grow your team’s security awareness. Our training modules are mapped to NIST’s recommended cybersecurity topics, making it easy to measure compliance and consume your training curriculum. Learn more about our security awareness training service.

Users are the weakest link in security, given a lack of education and experience. Instituting a security awareness training program for every member of your staff will significantly reduce the probability of user-related errors and exposures.

Simulated Phishing

Simulated phishing programs deliver realistic email templates to employees to see how they behave when a phishing email hits their inbox. Employees who click a phishing email or reveal sensitive information are delivered training in real-time to help them avoid phishing attacks in the future.

Dark Web Monitoring

By utilizing our Dark Web ID services, a combination of human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities, we are able to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for your organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data. Learn more about Dark Web Monitoring.

SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365

SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365 offers an all-in-one backup, search, restore and export solution for Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365: Time-Based Retention 

Backup snapshots are retained for up to 1 year in the cloud, following the schedule denoted below:

  • 3X daily backups are retained for 30 days
  • Dailies are kept after 30 days
  • Weeklies are kept after 90 days, then stored rolling, for up to 1 year

SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365: Infinite Cloud Retention 

Backup snapshots are retained in the cloud indefinitely, following the schedule denoted below:

  • 3X daily backups are retained for 30 days
  • Dailies are kept after 30 days
  • Weeklies are kept after 90 days
  • Monthlies are kept after a year, then stored for selected retention period

Endpoint Antivirus

Endpoint anti-virus includes behavior monitoring, endpoint firewall, URL filtering, predictive machine learning, device control, data loss prevention and application control. With our customizable policies and scheduled scanning, we ensure your endpoints are protected!

Endpoint Detection & Response

Correlated threat detection and investigation across email, endpoints, servers and cloud applications.

Email Security & Anti-Spam

Inbound and outbound email protection against viruses, spam, phishing and business email compromise.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 empowers employees to work from anywhere on any device. Visit our Microsoft Office 365 to get help finding the right Microsoft products. We can help you migrate from your current solution!

Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Featured in our Value Plan, Microsoft 365 Business Basic includes:

  • Exchange online email
  • Web & mobile versions of office apps: Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • OneDrive, Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Featured in our Essential and Complete Plans, Microsoft 365 Business Standard includes:

  • Exchange online email
  • Web, mobile & desktop versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher & Access (PC Only)
  • OneDrive, Microsoft Teams & SharePoint

Microsoft 365 E3

Microsoft 365 E3 includes:

  • Exchange online email
  • Web, mobile and desktop versions of: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams
  • Information protection, additional compliance capabilities, bookings, Azure information protection

* We recommend Microsoft 365 E3 for 300+ users or organizations that need advanced security and compliance!