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Data Privacy Week 2022

Let's band together to empower individuals and companies to take action!

Data Privacy Week 2022
January 10, 2022 Liz Pena

January 24th - 28th Is Data Privacy Week!

Join Verity IT as we encourage Data Privacy all week long!

Data Privacy Week helps spread awareness about online privacy and educates individuals and businesses on how to manage personal information and keep it secure. Data Privacy Week also encourages businesses to respect data and be more transparent about how they collect and use client data. To promote these goals, Verity IT will be sharing tips and tricks throughout the week!

Follow along as we encourage businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust!

3 Steps to Achieve Data Privacy

1. Conduct an Assessment

First, conduct an assessment of your data collection practices and understand which privacy laws and regulations apply to your business.

Next, follow reasonable security measures to keep personal information safe from unauthorized access. Make sure the personal data you collect is only collected for relevant and legitimate purposes.

Lastly, don’t forget to maintain oversight of partners and vendors. If someone provides services on your behalf, you are also responsible for how they collect and use that data.

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2. Adopt a Data Privacy Framework

Researching and adopting a privacy framework such as NIST, can help you manage risk and create a culture of privacy in your organization by building privacy into your business. NIST establishes technology, standards and metrics that the science and technology industries are encouraged to adhere to. NIST compliance is known to provide the best security practices for protecting business data, one of the most important priorities any organization can have!

3. Educate Your Employees

Create a culture of privacy in your organization by educating your employees of their and your organization’s obligations to protecting personal information. Educate employees on your company’s privacy policy and teach new employees about their role in your privacy culture!

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