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Cloud Communications: Lower Cost and Less Complexity

Cloud Communications: Lower Cost and Less Complexity
November 2, 2020 Mark London

Prior to the advent of mature cloud communications systems, small and medium-sized businesses had to make hefty capital investments in on-site PBX hardware and software. They also had to pay expensive technicians to keep systems up to date, and multisite businesses needed to manage different systems at each office location. Add to this the cost and complexity of managing new must- have services ranging from web and video conferencing to collaboration software.

Cloud phone systems provide significant financial benefits

Robust and reliable cloud communications systems like RingCentral Office® can deliver dramatic and predictable savings. According to Forrester Research, the RingCentral cloud communications solution “eliminates the need for traditional PBX systems, simplifies telephony solutions, and boosts the revenue of customer-facing employees.”1 In fact, by comparing the cost of RingCentral versus previously installed PBX systems, Forrester documented a 42% savings.

Equipment simplification and hardware elimination

By putting all the phone system functions in the cloud, RingCentral provides an obvious benefit—it eliminates the need for costly
on-premise hardware and software. Since all voice calls travel over the internet, it also prevents the headaches and costs of connecting multiple locations or global offices with business exchange lines.

Reducing the number of vendors and costs of standalone services

Signing up for standalone communication services through third-party vendors can add up to a major expense. And these charges are often applied on a per-minute basis, which can make budgeting for these bills unpredictable. In addition to high-quality voice calling, the all-in-one RingCentral service includes online fax, audio and video conferencing, web meetings, business SMS texting, and Glip team messaging. You can use these services on an unlimited basis or often for a significant number of users. It’s all included in the monthly service fee—and in one bill from one vendor.

Reducing management and maintenance costs

With RingCentral Office, all maintenance of the phone system infrastructure and software upgrades are performed in the cloud by RingCentral experts, eliminating the cost of hiring experts to manage a phone system. Anyone—without any specialized skills or training— can configure and manage the phone system from a simple web-based interface, even on a mobile device. This easy remote cloud management also eliminates the need for internal or third-party consultants to repair or manage hardware at remote offices.

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Ring Central

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