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SD-WAN Advantages Icons: 3×2

SD-WAN Advantages Icons: 3×2
February 18, 2016 admin

Bandwidth Aggregation

Utilize multiple internet circuits, balance the load across them securely and deliver a solid quality of experience with an SD-WAN solution.

Quality of Experience

Provide prioritization to the mission critical applications your business demands, giving priority to video, voice and other business applications.

Network Function Virtualization

Provide partnerships with companies that can virtualize out many network functions, such as firewalls, VPNs, load balancing, application acceleration, etc.

Dynamic Bandwidth

Do you utilize other cloud services like AWS, Azure or Google? SD-WAN providers can connect directly to these cloud providers with options that allow bandwidth to grow dynamically.



No need to worry about security, an SD-WAN solution provides secure connections between sites and reduced complexities — a cost benefit of as-a-service solutions!



Combine your MPLS and internet connections so they don’t sit idle — also optimize traffic, reducing overall latency, jitter and response times, and accelerate the applications themselves.