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7 True Benefits of Virtual Help Desks

There’s nothing better than a productive group of employees.

7 True Benefits of Virtual Help Desks
March 16, 2019 Mark London

There’s nothing better than a productive group of employees. And in order to keep your employees productive, you have to make sure they get the assistance they need, especially when they run into technology issues. A lot of times, if it’s anything past resetting a password, or when the “trying shutting down and rebooting” suggestion doesn’t work, your employees need advice from an expert. In most cases, especially for small to medium sized businesses, having an onsite staff of experts, at every location, available around the clock, just isn’t feasible. That’s where the virtual help desk comes into play. An offsite, virtual help desk can provide the access to expertise that your employees need to remain productive. We’ve compiled a list of seven benefits of making a virtual help desk part of your team:

#1. 24/7/365 Access

A virtual help desk gives your internal team of employees access to experienced IT support 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Not to mention, members of a virtual help desk team won’t be unavailable as an in-house help desk employee might be if they were to take sick days, vacations or be out of the office on a national holiday.

#2. Savings

When you make the decision to go with a virtual help desk, rather than an onsite help desk team, you eliminate several costs — no desks, computers or any other office equipment you might typically need with an onsite team of experts. Did we mention the salary and benefits you won’t be responsible for paying?

#3. Strategic Focus

Depending on a virtual help desk for your IT issues will allow your internal team to get back to the strategic initiatives you originally had them focused on.

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#4. Faster Problem Resolution

Virtual help desks are compiled of IT experts. There experts are typically armed with a knowledge base of solutions and are able to resolve straightforward issues rather quickly. In the case where it may not be such a straightforward issue, they are able to easily escalate for higher levels of service.

#5. Improved Tracking

With a virtual help desk, you not only get the benefit of them tracking your data but you’ll also get visibility into this tracked data. This will allow you to see what kinds of problems your team is consistently facing, so you can take the necessary steps to address the root cause.

#6. Easily Scalable

We all know that as your business grows, your needs change. When working with a virtual help desk, you can easily scale the service when the time comes. New technology usually comes along with the growth of a business and with a virtual help desk team you’ll have access to experts in this new technology.

#7. Future Proofing

Virtual help desks don’t just help your employees with current IT issues, they provide proactive support that will reduce the impact of issues in the future, not to mention, keep a small issues from turning into larger ones, essentially proactively protecting your business for the future.

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