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7 Reasons Why Security Awareness Training Is Crucial for Protecting Your Business

Users are the weakest link — are you training your team to recognize cyberthreats?

7 Reasons Why Security Awareness Training Is Crucial for Protecting Your Business
September 25, 2020 Liz Pena

The best way for a business to protect its employees and its data is through implementing Security Awareness Training. Human error is a major factor in cybercrime and employees can jeopardize security by simply browsing infected websites and downloading bad software without even knowing it!

Security Awareness Training can educate a workforce on these growing insider threats and protect companies from devastating blows. Below are 7 reasons why Security Awareness Training is vital to your business.

1. Prevents Cyberattacks

Implementing Security Awareness Training for employees reduces the risk of cyberattacks on your business. Training your employees to know how to use strong passwords, report suspicious emails and flag any other weird cyber activity on the network is crucial to your businesses well-being. Trained employees are also more aware of their actions and reduce careless errors that open the door to cybercrime!

2. Creates A Secure Company Culture

Security training and threat awareness also helps create a company culture that values security and protecting its employees. Instead of employees feeling embarrassed for not staying updated on the latest security threats, Security Awareness Training promotes an inclusive environment that empowers them to be proactive towards cybersecurity threats.

3. Better Compliance

As security becomes a major priority for businesses in all types of industries, security regulations are stricter than ever before. More regulators are demanding security education training awareness as part of their certifications and failure to comply can result in lost business and massive lawsuits.

4. More Secure Technology

Technology is a valuable tool in preventing cybercrime, however, it’s only as good as the people that use and monitor it! online security awareness training helps these tools operate at their full potential because employees are educated on how to use them to monitor the latest cyberthreats.

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5. Attracts Potential Customers

Many companies require meeting certain security standards in order to be considered for high profile contracts because cybersecurity is highly valued among businesses these days. Implementing Security Awareness Training helps you meet these requirements and develop a positive reputation that attracts potential customers. If your customers know that you and your employees take cybersecurity seriously, they will trust putting their business in your hands!

6. Helps Employees Stay Safe

Security Awareness Training doesn’t just keep your employees safe at work — it keeps them safe in their personal lives as well. With constant exposure to websites, emails and social media employees can be confident in their security skills and protect themselves and their families from potential risks.

7. Saves Time and Money from Potential Headaches

Businesses can lose more than millions of dollars from just ONE successful cyberattack. Cyberattacks are a costly and timely affair. Security Awareness Training is a valuable investment for your business and the cost and time to hold one outweighs what’s possible from a potential risk.

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Why Cybersecurity Education?

Security Awareness Training is a valuable asset that benefits the security of your business and employees.

Whether you already have training in place or don’t even know where to start, Verity IT can work with your business to develop a plan to minimize risk and help your employees protect themselves against cybercrime.