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5 Common Cybersecurity Misconceptions

What you need to know to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

5 Common Cybersecurity Misconceptions
November 27, 2020 Liz Pena

Let’s start this blog by pointing out the maybe not-so-obvious — the best line of defense to protect your company from cyberthreats is to educate and empower your employees with the resources and knowledge necessary to protect your business. We recommend investing in Security Awareness Training.

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Part of Security Awareness Training should also involve clearing up and breaking down often-quoted cybersecurity misconceptions. Below are Verity IT’s top 5 cybersecurity misconceptions that are vital to challenge!

#1 Data Isn’t Valuable

Many employees believe “my data” (or the data I have access to) is not valuable. We believe all data is valuable. So, we recommend creating a data backup plan and conducting a network assessment to understand what steps are needed to protect your specific data.

#2 Cybersecurity Is Too Expensive

Another misconception is that cybersecurity requires a huge financial investment — not true. In fact, many efforts to protect your assets and data require little to no financial investment at all. Investing time to create and document cybersecurity policies, review existing access policies, enable often already present multi-factor authentication protocols and training your employees to spot malicious emails can go a long way. A great place to start is with a security assessment scan.

#3 My Insurance Covers Cybersecurity Incidents

Another important item to check on is whether or not your general liability insurance covers cyber breaches. Many standard insurance policies do not cover cyber incidents or data breaches. We also recommend Dark Web monitoring services to help identify any compromised business credentials as a result of another organization’s data breach.

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Educate Your Employees

#4 Younger People Are Cybersecurity Pros

When it comes to cybersecurity, younger does not translate to more knowledgeable. In other words, age is not directly correlated to better cybersecurity practices. We always recommend training anyone on your expectations and cybersecurity best practices, prior to giving them access to your social media, network, etc.

#5 Compliance Is Enough

We have heard many times that we are in compliance with our industry standards, which is sufficient for a security strategy. FALSE. Simply complying with industry standards does not equal a robust cybersecurity strategy for your business. A robust strategy, uses a framework like the NIST cybersecurity framework to manage risk.

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